The Hospitality Human Resource Professionals Association is Toronto’s leading association of engaged hospitality HR professionals, dedicated to advancing the HR profession, promoting innovative hospitality strategies, and enhancing organizational performance.

Members of the HHRPA represent more than 37 GTA hotel companies, restaurant chains, entertainment groups, and hospitality-focused post-secondary institutions. We are a Toronto-based, non-profit organization with roots dating back to our founding in 1975. Since that time, we have expanded to more than 63 members and we have established ourselves as a pillar of success representing Toronto’s hospitality HR professionals with pride.

Members of the HHRPA have the opportunity to join in association meetings where participants network with their peers, share the latest on labour relations, discuss and assist each other with employment opportunities, and truly work as a cohesive unit to better understand current HR issues affecting Toronto’s hospitality industry. In addition, HHRPA members have the option to attend our numerous social and community support events as well as our Annual Conference, which is held each Fall to celebrate our members, re-energize the association, and provide a streamlined focus for the year ahead.

Association members also benefit from access to our website, which provides easy access to an online database of valuable HR information, an easy-to-use distribution list that instantly connects you with all members, and access to GTA hospitality employment opportunities and collective agreements.

To find out more about the HHRPA and our member benefits, please feel free to email us.